The End


Yes, that’s right – I am pretending that it’s not already the 3rd of June. How did that happen?

So, that is it. Blog Every Day in May 2014 – done. And it started off really well! I think life started getting in the way towards the end though. I think it’s safe to say that I’m not really made for blogging every single day!

Despite that, I really did enjoy the experience. It was fun to have to think about and get creative with the prompts, even if some were a little more challenging than others!

I have to say though, the best bit for me had to be ‘meeting’ other bloggers. I’ve discovered so many brilliant, funny, thoughtful and inspiring blogs that I might never have come across without BEDM. And all of you lovely people have been so kind and supportive, with everything from career advice to reminiscing about school discos. It’s been fantastic getting to know you folks, and I’m actually quite sad that it’s all over. See you all for Blog Every Day in November then?!


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