The Best Things About Childhood


The best things about childhood, in no particular order:

– The big, long six week summer holidays.
– Dancing to the Spice Girls at school discos in the village hall.
– Potato smiley faces, chicken nuggets and beans for tea.
– Skipping.
– Bawling your eyes out when you fall over, without anyone staring at you.
– Having someone to look after you 24/7.
– Pretending to be someone you’re not, and people thinking its adorable rather than creepy.
– School plays (see above).
– Hiding under the sheets reading Goosebumps stories.
– Wishing you could just be a grown-up already. They have it so much easier, don’t they?!


2 thoughts on “The Best Things About Childhood

  1. I remember all of these things! My favourite ever Spice Girls song is definitely Say You’ll Be There – and I’m sure I shall be winding up Pedro by dancing round the living room to it pretending to be a child again! xx

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