Being Adventurous

Recently, the only thing I’ve been adventurous with is food. I used to be a seriously fussy eater, a trait I think I inherited from my mum, who ate pretty much nothing but cottage cheese on toast as a teenager! Up until the end of my second year of uni, I stuck to what I knew in the supermarket – pizza, pasta and more pizza. Then I went off to do my year abroad and I was forced to broaden my horizons a little bit.  Largely because I tried to stick to ordering things I could pronounce, regardless of what they actually were…

Since then, I’ve made an effort to try things once to see if I like them. I’ve had varying degrees of success with this – I’ve developed a new-found love of blue cheese, but I have also forced myself to eat pak choi. There is no food I hate like I hate pak choi. Apart from maybe iceberg lettuce. Both are pointless.

But I digress. The point I’m stumbling towards here is that I’m trying to take this ‘Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it’ policy and apply it to the rest of my life. Say yes, give things a go, learn something new about myself. Pushing myself, rather than sticking to what I know. This time 5 years ago I was booking tickets to Spain, getting ready to hop on a plane without even knowing for sure if I’d have somewhere to live for the year I’d be there. Life since graduation has been about working and saving money, which is obviously necessary, but I’m starting to crave the butterflies that come with an adventure.

After all, the worst that can happen is probably more pak choi.


2 thoughts on “Being Adventurous

    • You definitely should! The worst that can happen is that you have to spit it out discreetly into a napkin 😉 I was thinking of writing about Spain soon too, so it’s lovely to know that someone would actually want to read about it! x

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