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A cup of green tea
May 15th – we’re half way there people! Now seemed like a good time to stop and reflect on the Blog Every Day in May experience so far, and I have to say that I’ve loved it. There have been days where I’ve struggled to think of things to write and days where I’ve just wanted to crawl into bed instead of typing away, but I’ve really enjoyed being pushed to write something new every day. More than that though, I’ve loved ‘meeting’ other bloggers and getting to know some wonderful new blogs! You see so much on Twitter about how blogging communities are cliquey or bitchy, but I’ve found it to be the exact opposite – you folks have all been so kind and supportive. I get so excited whenever I get a WordPress comment notification on my phone!

There are still some bits of blogging I don’t understand though. Like Dipytique candles (it’s just wax, surely?) or all-white furniture. I’m too busy eating my food to Instagram it. I still don’t really get Twitter. But I’m really enjoying dipping my feet into an interesting new pastime. I’m so glad I pressed ‘Publish’ on my first post in February, and that I signed up for BEDM. I feel much, much happier now I’m writing again, and I’m getting to know some fantastic people to boot. It’s a win-win!




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