Beauty, Fashion & Grooming

A lot of the posts I’ve seen on this topic today have been more along the ‘beauty comes from within’ line of argument and I feel like I should be going down a more thoughtful, philosophical route, but I’m not going to lie to you – I’m a sucker for beauty and fashion. My last blog was a beauty blog. I check ASOS pretty much daily. Call it shallow if you like, but I love it.

As a big fan of all things beauty, I tend to get caught up in the flashy new product releases, buying things I probably don’t need and which rarely live up to the hype. There is one little pot in my bathroom, however, that I discovered through beauty blogs and wouldn’t ever be without…


I figured it would be best to spend today’s post talking about products that actually delivered on their promises, and there was really only one thing that stood out in my mind. Good old coconut oil!

Even if you’re not big on beauty, coconut oil is a seriously useful thing to keep in the cupboard. I use it for pretty much everything, from hair masks to lip scrubs. Coupled with a face cloth, it makes light work of make up and leaves your skin super soft. It makes a great moisturiser too – it sinks in nicely and leaves you smelling like a Bounty bar. For extra bonus points, it’s great for sensitive skin – it’s the only thing I can use to shave my legs that doesn’t leave me with an angry, red rash. And did I mention you can cook with it? Not bad for about £7, eh?


6 thoughts on “Beauty, Fashion & Grooming

  1. I never thought about writing this post from a deep and meaningful perspective…I just did a good old get ready with me post. I feel so shallow now! Ha ha!

    The Coconut Oil sounds amazing. I love a good multitasking product! I may have to get my hands on some. I think the fact you can cook with it sold it to me more than anything!

  2. Yep – am a big fan of coconut oil too! Am currently using olive oil as a cleanser as need to buy more coconut oil! Never thought of using it to shave my legs 😉

  3. Wow what a great tip! I’ve never heard of this before but then again I only semi recently learned what primer and Bb creams are….I will keep and eye out for this to put in cupboard, cheers for this!

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