Walk to Work Week

I would love to walk to work, I really would. However, my walk to work would be an hour and forty-five minutes, and my shifts this week start at 7am. I’ll take the extra time under the duvet, thank you very much! That had left me stumped for today’s topic, until I looked out the window at lunchtime and had a brainwave – I would have a stroll into town along the river once my shift ended and blog the walk from work instead. The sky had other plans, though, and when I set out at 3pm, the heavens had well and truly opened!

So I hopped in the car and resigned myself to the fact that some days are not meant for nice walks. Some days are meant for hot chocolate.


Or for flicking through a new book.


There are days for wandering aimlessly in the rain. Today is not one of those days. And if that means that I can spend the best part of the afternoon snuggling in my PJs with the dogs, then that’s just fine with me!


3 thoughts on “Walk to Work Week

  1. So jealous of that mug! I need to get my hands on one. I have the Penguin Postcard Box Set on my wishlist, I love the idea of decorating with them!

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