Five Fave Posts

Five Fave Posts
I’m going to bend the rules slightly with this BEDM post – If I showed you my five favourite posts on my own blog you’d be going through nearly half of everything I’ve written! Instead I thought I’d share five posts from other bloggers that I’ve really enjoyed recently:

I am Kathy B – One Day, We will be Dead – I will admit that the title makes this post sound incredibly morbid, but please go and read it – you’ll soon see that it’s not! I’m guilty of spending my weeks clock-watching and waiting for the weekend, and when you’re caught up in the trivial, everyday things it’s easy to forget that we aren’t here forever. One day, you and I will cease to exist. While it’s not the nicest thought, gently reminding yourself every once in a while that you don’t have forever is a good way to make sure you value each day as much as you can.

Makeup Savvy – Top 5 Ebay Purchases  – I am an Ebay bargain fiend. The thrill of finding something awesome for pennies, ordering them from a seller in somewhere like Hong Kong or China and waiting the month it takes for postage is oddly addictive! Fee’s post is a brilliant round up of some of the best beauty bits which hit the mark, but cost next to nothing. Brilliant if you’re in the market for new make up brushes or cosmetic storage!

What Katie Sews – Foxes Quilt – I am so envious of people who make quilts. They always look so beautiful, but all those fiddly little pieces? I’d end up throwing them out of a window and cracking open the wine. I just don’t think I’d have the patience for it, so I love quilting vicariously through other bloggers like Katie. The foxes on her quilt are absolutely adorable!

Learn This Phrase – Buy These Books in the Kindle Spring Sale – Blair’s blog has been one of my favourites for a long time (even back in the day when it was a fashion blog!) and her book recommendations always seem to hit the mark for me. I find the Kindle store really overwhelming, and the sale even more so – without super helpful lists like these I’m sure my kindle would just be sat gathering dust somewhere!

Where is Harriet – Chicken, Leek and Cider Pie – Not even sure this needs a description. Go and look at the delicious photos and tell me you don’t want to eat this pie. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it!


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