Where is my mind?

Do you ever do or say things that make you instantly question your own sanity? It’s starting to become a fairly regular occurrence for me…

Quite often I find my self driving along, minding my own business, when my brain suddenly cries, “Turn back! You’ve forgotten your car keys!”


Gratuitous puppy picture. This is Monty, by the way.

Recently, when we had the terrible wind and rain, I gazed out of my office window and started to worry about whether the dogs would be scared at home. Sounds normal, right? I then said (to myself, but nonetheless out loud) “maybe I should ring them and check they’re ok”. The best thing is this is not even the first time. Last time I actually wondered if I should text them.

Today’s may have topped them all, though. Today, I got out of the car, gazed down at my loafer-clad feet and said, “Shit, I’ve forgotten my shoes!”

And it’s only Tuesday. Somebody pass me the gin.


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