Reasons to be cheerful

Hello! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far!

I was looking forward to lovely, busy Saturday today – my other half is away for a friend’s birthday so instead of going to his place like I usually do, I’m staying home. I had hoped that this would mean a day of industrious sewing and traipsing around shops…but unfortunately my body had other plans and I woke up with a cracking headache that I cannot shift!

I usually get grumpy and let myself wallow in self-pity when I’m feeling poorly, but I’ve decided to make an effort to look on the bright side a little bit more. So, here are a few things that have brightened up my day:

A nice stack of magazines

Sometimes it’s nice to come away from the computer, put down the phone and get into something made of paper. I was moaning the other day about how Elle Decor never comes free with Elle here – when I was living in Spain they used to all the time – so I was pretty chuffed that WH Smiths had them on offer. Homemaker is a monthly staple for me, it’s the perfect thing to flick through if you’re running low on inspiration. It a great mix of crafts, interiors and recipes and the design is seriously pretty to boot.

Ice cream

Who doesn’t feel better after ice cream?! These little pots come from Aldi, they’re £1.99 for four and they are amazing.

Making something

I’m pretty new to sewing, and the amount of concentration required to not make holes in my fingers was just a bit much today, so I picked up the hook and crocheted a little pin cushion instead. Much more relaxing and far less dangerous! If you’re interested, the daisy pattern is here.

Right, I’m going to get into bed and catch up with Call the Midwife. Don’t judge me. I just watch it for the frocks, honest!


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