First Steps

Well, hello there!

I’m Hannah, I’m 25 and I am terrible at introductions…

If you asked me ten years ago what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have said ‘a writer’. Five years ago, it would have been ‘translator’. Although there have been a few tangents between then and now (Teacher! Pastry chef! Housewife!), I have always wanted to spend my life working with words. Right now, I am not and I feel like something is missing.

I read a lot of blogs, about a whole heap of different things, and it was while I was reading this post on Rosie’s blog that I realised that biting the bullet and signing up to WordPress might just be the answer to my frustration.

You see, I have written blogs before in the past, but made the mistake of giving myself one topic to stick to and eventually given them up out of frustration at not being able to write about other things. So this time I’m going for a bit more variety – no labels, just a smorgasbord of things I love. Things like the word ‘smorgasbord’.

To give you an idea of what to expect, I’m into cooking, baking, interior design, sewing and making things (largely a mess, if you ask anyone I have ever lived with). Hopefully that’s a wide enough range that I can stick around for a good while this time.

So, here’s to writing more, reading more, meeting some new people and trying some new things! Better get the kettle on…


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